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DS1 | DS1 Line | DS1 Providers | DS1 Internet

What is the Digital Signal 1 Internet Connection

Digital Signal 1 (aka DS1 or DS-1) is a form of technology used in connection to the internet. The DS1/DS-1 was instigated by the Bell labs and is used widely across the globe. In effect Digital Signal 1 and T1 are primarily regarded to be more or less the same thing, whether it is DS1/DS-1 or a T1/T-1 can be integrated and made use of whenever you want to transmit voice alongside data packets together.

Any information that would be transmitted through the lines needs to be framed and this technology allows this to be done automatically. There are two sorts of frame protocols that can be used for DS1. The Super frame is where receive from 12-193 bit frames in sequence. On the other hand the extended super frame goes from 24 to 193 bit frames. The Super frame and extended super frame is not compatible with each other as they would have the data broken down in two different ways.

The primary users of Digital Signal 1 were the big corporations and the telecommunication companies that needed to transmit a lot of information in a very short time with the help of high speed connections. Now a days it is used to have all the base stations, switchboards & wireless relay towers to the core network, which can go as far as to another city or even through to another country making it possible to weave a complete seamless network with redundant networking connectivity.

Just like any other network connection technology, the Digital Signal 1 or DS1 technology have the in-built system that is equipped with the measure to motion towards the level of connection problems in case there are discrepancies in the network connectivity. The system would set off three different alarms namely red, yellow and blue. The color coded alarms have different meanings that points to different sorts of problems.

The red alarm would go off in case there is a chance of data corruption and loss of connectivity, the yellow alarm is also versed as the remote alarm indication (RAI) and notions to troubles on the far-end of the network. On the other hand the blue alarm would sign of disruption along the network connection that helps the network to retain its reliability.

So if you are willing to enjoy speed and satisfactory connectivity while using internet DS-1 might be the option to take under consideration if there are no other options available. 

DS1 Line Carrier Solutions Providing Voice and Internet Services Nationwide


The Following Types Of DS1 Service Are Offered:

  • 1.544 Mbps Upload/1.544 Mbps Download = Full DS1 Line
  • Voice DS1 Lines
  • Data DS1 Lines
  • Local DS1 Lines
  • Long Distance DS1 Lines
  • Integrated DS1 Lines
  • PRI DS1 Lines
  • Ethernet over DS1 Lines 
  • Point to Point DS1 Lines
  • International DS1 Lines
  • MPLS DS1 Lines

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